CSA Bulletin October 2004

July-September 2004 - Volume 53, Number 3

Editor's Notes
"Hypergraphia and Droperidol—A Case Study" 
By Stephen H. Jackson, M.D., Editor

President's Page
"President-Elect's Address to the CSA House of Delegates"
By Linda J. Mason, M.D., CSA President

Executive Director's Page
"What If Time Went Away?"
By Barbara Baldwin, CSA Executive Director

Legislative & Practice Affairs
"What's New in Healthcare Antitrust? Not Much, say FTC, Justice Department"
By David E. Willett, Esq., CSA Legal Counsel

"Outpatient Surgery—Be Sure the Setting is Accredited"
By William E. Barnaby, Esq., CSA Legislative Counsel

"Steven M. Thompson, a Friend of Medicine, Californians, and the Quintessential Lobbyist, Gentleman and Friend"
By William E. Barnaby III, Esq., CSA Legislative Advocate

Harvey Shapiro, M.D.
"2004 Forrest E. Leffingwell Memorial Lecturer"
By Stephen Jackson, M.D., Editor

Cut to the Chase
"The Annual Meeting of the ASA Board of Directors"
By R. Lawrence Sullivan, Jr., ASA Director California

Will the Influx of Women into Medicine Make It More Lifestyle -Friendly
By Saundra Curry, M.D., Clinical Professor of Anesthesiology and Director, Medical Student Education, Columbia University Medical Center

Message in a Bottle
"Despite the Hype, Bottled Water is Neither CLEANER nor GREENER Than Tap Water"
Part One 
By Brian Howard, Managing Editor of E Magazine

Paying for College: It Can Be Clearer than You Think
By Kevin Wasp, Director, Tax Advantaged Packaged Products, Columbia Management Group

Restoring the "Spirit of '75"
The First in a Series of Articles on California's Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act (MICRA)
By Patricia A. Dailey, M.D., Associate Editor and CSA Past President

Pain Management and End-of-Life Care CME Program
Module 3

"Concepts in Opioid Tolerance"
By Pamela Pierce Palmer, M.D., Ph.D.

Arthur E. Guedel Memorial Anesthesia Center
"Guedel Center Update"
By Selma Harrison Calmes, M.D., President, Board of Trustees

Tips from the Top
"Poor Man's LMA: An Alternative Approach to the Patient Who is Difficult to Mask Ventilate"
By James R. Boyce, M.D., Professor, Department of Anesthesiology, University of Alabama, Birmingham, Alabama

The Anesthesiologist and the Arts
"The Hand of Goodbye"
By Elizabeth A. Steele, M.D.

Veterans Administration Health Care Services and Facilities
"A Nationwide Overview and Highlighting the Veterans Administration Palo Alto Health Care System"
By Elizabeth Joyce Freeman, Director, Veterans Administration Palo Alto Health Care System

Future Meetings

California and National News


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