CSA Bulletin November 2003

July-September 2003 - Volume 52, Number 3

Editor's Notes
"Physicians, Heal Thine Selves: Wellness Becomes a National Agenda" by Stephen Jackson, M.D., Editor

President's Page
"The Ventura Community Memorial Hospital Medical Staff Crisis"
"The CSA Legal Defense Fund—Why You Should Donate!" by H. Douglas Roberts, M.D., CSA President

Executive Director's Page
"If You Build It, They Will Come" by Barbara Baldwin, CSA Executive Director

Legislative & Practice Affairs
"HIPAA: Time to Check Compliance" by David E. Willett, Esq., CSA Legal Counsel
"Recap of the 2003 Legislative Session" by William E. Barnaby Sr., CSA Legislative Counsel, and William Barnaby Jr., Esq., CSA Legislative Advocate

2003 CSA Annual Meeting Highlights
"President-Elect H. Douglas Roberts, M.D.—Address to the House of Delegates"
"CSA 2003 House of Delegates" by Edgar Canada, M.D., CSA Speaker of the House of Delegates
"2003 Distinguished Service Award—Stephen Harvey Jackson, M.D." Presentation by R. Lawrence Sullivan, Jr., M.D.
"Acceptance Speech by Stephen Harvey Jackson, M.D."

ASA Board Meeting, August 2003
"If You Can't Stand the Heat—Stay Out of Chicago in August!" by R. Lawrence Sullivan, Jr., M.D., ASA Director, California

The CSA House of Delegates Adopts a Policy Statement on Pediatric Anesthesia
by Mark A. Singleton, M.D., Alternate Delegate to the CMA

Wondering About the "Surgical Pause" or Time-out?"
"Universal Protocol for Preventing Wrong Site, Wrong Procedure, Wrong Person Surgery" by Patricia A. Dailey, M.D., CSA Immediate Past President

Arthur E. Guedel Memorial Anesthesia Center
"Richard C. Gill and the Introduction of Curare into Anesthesia Practice" by Merlin Larson, M.D.

A Novel Proposal for Health Care Financing
by Kenneth Y. Pauker, M.D., Associate Editor, Director, District 13

Newsworthy Notes on CSA Members
"Avant! Foundation Honors Interplast Board Member and Volunteer Dr. Terri Homer"

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men....
by Clyde W. Jones, M.D., F.A.C.A.

Health Care for All?
by Martin L. Fishman, M.D., M.P.A., President, Santa Clara County Medical Association

Rebecca Patchin, M.D., Elected to the AMA Board of Trustees
by Marie Kuffner, M.D., Past President, CMA

Commentary on the ASA's Revised Practice Guidelines
Commentary on the ASA's Revised Practice Guidelines for Pulmonary Artery Catheterization by E. Orestes O'Brien, M.D.

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