CSA Bulletin May 2012

Volume 61, Number 2 - Volume 61, Number 2

Full 2012 Spring Bulletin

Editor's Notes
Thank you and Farewell
By Stephen Jackson, MD

On Being an Editor
By Mark Twain

Letters to the Editor
Danielle Reicher, MD, Clair Steven Weenig, MD, and John Hattox, MD

President's Page
Cur Vexatum
By Kenneth Pauker, MD

ASA Director's Report
ASA Continues to Prepare for the Future of the Society and Our Specialty
By Mark Singleton, MD

On Your Behalf, Legislative and Practice Affairs
Election Reform 2012—A New Political Environment?
By William E. Barnaby, Sr., and William E. Barnaby III, CSA Legislative Counsel

Insurance and Indemnity: What Anesthesiologists Need to Know
By Philip Goldberg, CSA Legal Counsel

Report from the Legislative and Practice Affairs Division (LPAD)
By Paul Yost, MD

I Want Your Practice!!
(and I am taking it with help from your CEO and surgeons...)
By Keith Chamberlin, MD, MBA

The Art of Laszlo Gyermek, MD
By Stephen Jackson, MD

Peering Over the Ether Screen
The "Dumbing Down" of American Medicine
By Karen S. Sibert, MD

A Trio of Commentaries on Preoperative Fasting Guidelines
Practice Guidelines for Preopertative Fasting
By Thelma Z. Korpman, MD, MBA

It Is Time to Abolish the Phrase "NPO After Midnight"
By Mark Singleton, MD

NPO Guidelines for Obstetric Patients
By Mark Zakowski, MD

Laughing Gas

Arthur E. Guedel Memorial Anesthesia Center
Induction Rooms
By Merlin Lawson, MD, and Mert Senturk, MD

Infection Control
Synopsis from the ASA Recommendation for Infection Control for the Practice of Anesthesiology
By Robin Stackhouse, MD, and Stephen Jackson, MD

The Ethics of Ending Life: Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide, Part 2:
Ethical Questions in Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide
By Gail Van Norman, MD

Breaking the Ice:
An Anesthesiologist Searches for Medical Clues in the Antarctic

Routine Preoperative Laboratory and Diagnostic Screening
By Thelma Z. Korpman, MD, MBA

ACOs: The Last Best Hope to Retain Pluralism
By George Lundberg, MD

Obstetric Anesthesiology: Practice Guidelines and You:
How to Avoid Surprises and Improve Outcomes
By Mark Zakowski, MD

Informed Refusal
By James W. West, MD

The CSA Has a New Emblem!
By Karen S. Sibert, MD

What Can You Do to Help Your Colleagues in the Absence of the Diversion Program?
By Jeffrey Uppington, MBBS, FRCA

Book Reviews
"C-Section: How to Avoid, Prepare for and Recover from your Cesarean"
By Mark Zakowski, MD

"Your Medical Mind: How to Decide What Is Right for You"
By Jerome Groopman, MD and Pamela Hartzband, MD

California and National News

Memories of a Former Patient
Danielle Reicher, MD