CSA Bulletin January 2009

Winter 2009 - Volume 58, Number 1

Editor's Notes
The QT Interval and Droperidol—Do We Have to Use it on the Q.T.?
By Stephen Jackson, M.D.

President's Page
By Michael Champeau M.D.

From the CEO
Transitioning to a New Medicare Carrier
By Barbara Baldwin

Legislative and Practice Affairs
The Political Clout of Managed Care
By William E. Barnaby Esq., CSA Legislative Counsel
Balance Billing and Constitutional Government: A Perfect Storm
By David E. Willett, Esq., CSA Legal Counsel
Francisco J. Silva, Esq., CMA's New V.P. of Legal Affairs and General Counsel
By William Barnaby III, Esq., CSA Legislative Counsel

The ASA Annual Meeting, Orlando
Exciting Times in the World of Enchantment

By Linda J. Mason, M.D.

The Use of Droperidol in Anesthesia Care
By James Moore, M.D.

CON: The Black Box Warning on Droperidol Should Not Be Removed (But Should Be Clarified!)
By Danielle B. Ludwin, M.D., and Steven L. Shafer, M.D.

Annual Meeting of the CMA House of Delegates
By Michele E. Raney, M.D.

2009 CSA Annual Meeting and Clinical Anesthesia Update

District Director Reports

California Dreamin'
By Daniel Weintraub

Altered States: LSD and the Anesthesia Laboratory of Henry Knowles Beecher
By George A. Mashour, M.D., Ph.D.

Letters to the CSA

Critical Care CME Program: Module 4
Sepsis Bundles Including Early Goal-Directed Therapy
By Scott Ahlbrand, M.D., and Fred Mihm, M.D.

Arthur E. Guedel Memorial Anesthesia Center
Paluel J. Flagg and the "Art" of Anesthesia
By Merlin D. Larson, M.D.

California & National News

New CSA Members

Mark Your Calender