CSA Bulletin April 2009

Spring 2009 - Volume 58, Number 2

Editor's Notes
Patient Satisfaction: What Do Yelp and Zagat Say About You?
By Patricia A. Dailey, M.D., Guest Editor

President's Page
Tom Daschle and American Healthcare Reform
By Michael W. Champeau, M.D.

From the CEO
Have Something to Say? Now You Have a Place to Say It!
By Barbara Baldwin, M.P.H.

Legislative and Practice Affairs
Out of Network, Not Out of Mind
By Kenneth Y. Pauker, M.D.
Fight for Fair HMO Payment Continues
By William E. Barnaby, Esq.
The Gould Criteria and Your Billed Charges
By Phillip Goldberg, Esq.
Prospect Decision Significantly Limits Balance Billing
By Phillip Goldberg, Esq.
2008-2009 GASPAC Honor Roll
By Kenneth Y. Pauker, M.D.

What Should You Say?
Your Hospital Administrator Wants Your Group to Adopt an Automated Anesthesia Information System
By William W. Feaster, M.D.

Ronald D. Miller, M.D., M.S.
The Pursuit of Excellence
By James E. Caldwell, M.B., Ch.B.

The ASA Interim Board of Directors Meeting
What's New at the ASA?
By Linda J. Mason, M.D.

2009 CSA Annual Meeting and Clinical Anesthesia Update

"Renewing the Covenant with Patients and Society"
Address to the AMA House of Delegates - Washington, D.C. - December 5, 1995 
By Joseph Cardinal Bernardin, Archdiocese of Chicago

Lions for Lambs
By Jason A. Campagna, M.D., Ph.D.

We're Being Watched: A True Tale of Life in Today's OR
By Karen Sibert, M.D.

Critical Care CME Program: Module 5
Newer Ventilatory Modes and Strategies, including Low Tidal Volume for ARDS and non-ARDS Patients
By Matthew Harris, M.D., and Maria E.F. Shier, M.D.

Arthur E. Guedel Memorial Anesthesia Center
By Merlin D. Larson, M.D.

John S. McDonald, M.D., Receives the "Smithsonian Award for Breakthrough Technology in Computational Technology"

California and National News

New CSA Members

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