CSA Bulletin April 2008

Spring 2008 - Volume 57, Number 2

Editor's Notes
"Critically Caring for Anesthesiology's Future"
Stephen Jackson, M.D.

President's Page
"Medical Professionalism: A Physician's Contract with Their Society
By Virgil M. Airola, M.D.

From the CEO
"The Incredible Shrinking Medi-Cal Dollar"
By Barbara Baldwin, M.P.H.

Legislative and Practice Affairs

  • "Billing Service Contract"
    By Phillip Goldberg, Esq.
  • "Whither Health Reform?"
    By William E. Barnaby, Sr. and Jr., Esq

ASA Board of Directors Interim Meeting
"Where Do We Stand Now?"
By Linda J. Mason, M.D.

The Pitfalls of Epidurals and Thromboprophylaxis
By Patricia A. Dailey, M.D.

The Illusion of Safety
By Jason A. Campagna, M.D., Ph.D.

CSA Board of Directors Meeting
"Special Retreat, Los Angeles, January 2008"
By Kenneth Y. Pauker,M.D., Chair, LPAD; Associate Editor, CSA Bulletin
"Economic and Political Forces Shaping Anesthetic Practice in California"
By Kenneth Y. Pauker,M.D.

2008 CSA Annual Meeting and Clinical Anesthesia Update

Telemonitoring Helps Save Lives, Improve Care
By Thomas E. Shaughnessy, M.D.

Arthur E. Guedel Memorial Anesthesia Center
"Electrical Anesthesia"
By Merlin Larson, M.D.

Propofol: Dancing with a "White Rabbit"
By C.F. Ward, M.D.

Letters to the Editor

Critical Care CME Program: Module 1
"Reducing Catheter-Related Infection"
By Michael A. Gropper, M.D., Ph.D., FCCM, and John Taylor, M.D.

2007 Forrest E. Leffingwell Memorial Lecture, Part 1
"Professionalism: My Profession"
By Peter L. McDermott, M.D., Ph.D.

California and National News

New CSA Members

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