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Scientists design a drug that relieves pain like an opioid without some dangerous side effects

What if you could design a drug that has all the pain-relieving power of morphine but none of its dangerous or addictive side effects?

Pain doctors: Insurance companies won't cover the alternatives to opioids

Over the past decade, the US has undergone an opioid epidemic. The trend has been decades in the making.

Letter to the Editor: Veterans’ access to safe care

I would like to thank and applaud the Honorable Rep. Julia Brownley, a staunch veteran's advocate, for acting to protect those who have served our country by opposing a proposed policy change by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to remove physician anesthesiologists from the operating room and replace them with nurses.

Pain specialists are on front lines in war on opioid abuse

The recent spike in overdoses of fentanyl, a potent synthetic narcotic, in Sacramento has put an even brighter spotlight on the opioid epidemic and the need to battle this issue on many fronts.