• Yost, Paul, MD, FASA
| Aug 24, 2020

Yost PhotoFriends and Colleagues,

This Wednesday, August 26, is the ASAPAC Annual Day of Contributing Challenge. For the last two years, California has won this event with the most contributors and most contributions on the day of contributing!!! 

However, we are living in a very disruptive time in our nation’s history, in the practice of medicine, and in the practice of anesthesiology, and we realize that all of us are hurting in many ways. This year, we would like to stress participation over the amount of money raised. Our goal is to get California to a higher level of participation than we have done before. The amount does not matter, please contribute something!!

Anyone who contributes at least $20 to ASAPAC on Aug 26will receive an ASAPAC facemask.

As you know, ASAPAC is our voice in Washington DC, and many are using the COVID crisis to advance agendas that are not in our best interests, like national balance billing legislation and independent practice for nurse anesthetists. The volume of our voice to fight for our specialty is dependent on the value of ASAPAC. 

On a positive note, the COVID crisis has put anesthesiology and anesthesiologists in the spotlight in an incredibly positive way. Our efforts to take care of critically ill patients has been recognized by the press, public, and our elected officials! This is a good time for us to ask for what we need. 

Please give whatever you think you can to support our ASAPAC and THANK YOU for your professional leadership!

One very important suggestion...please log on to the ASA web site today or tomorrow to make sure your password works!

Thank You!! Together we are stronger!!

Paul Yost, MD, FASA
CSA Past President 
ASAPAC Board Member

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