The results are in...CSA is #1 in ASAPAC DoC Challenge!!

  • Yost, Paul, MD
| Jun 25, 2018

Paul_YostTHANK YOU! to every person who participated and supported ASAPAC last Thursday during the Day of Contributing Challenge and THANK YOU! to everyone who contributes to ASAPAC!! Every donor is cherished, and every donation is appreciated whether it is on the annual Day of Contributing or any time during the year.  Traditionally, California has had a low rate of participation in supporting ASAPAC, and many people did not think that California could do what we did last Thursday!   We placed first in the number of donations and first in the total dollars raised!!!  This is truly AMAZING!!  A special thank you to CSA staff, especially Matt Peralta, Katelyn Hicks, and our Executive David Butler:  this effort would not have been possible without their skills and expertise!

I also want to thank our CSA President Dr. Sam Wald and our Board of Directors, District Directors, and CSA Committee chairs who played a huge role in our success last Thursday!   Additionally, I want to thank the many anesthesiologists who not only contributed, but encouraged their partners, colleagues, friends, and classmates to contribute to ASAPAC.  This effort was truly a grassroots effort and will set California on a path to supporting ASAPAC: the only federal political action committee that supports physician anesthesiologists and our patients.

anes18mainsliderAs a reward for placing first in total dollars raised last Thursday, current ASA President Jim Grant, MD has awarded California Anesthesiologists priority seating for the opening session at the ASA Annual meeting in San Francisco this October!  I hope you can come to the annual meeting and wear your California badge with pride, knowing the California supports ASAPAC!   This strong showing for California is also a great tribute to our incoming ASA president, former CSA President and Californian through and through, Dr. Linda Mason.  Leadership starts at the top!

Many of the decisions about how we practice, patient safety, and who can practice the medical specialty of anesthesiology are made in Washington DC.  ASAPAC is our voice.  ASAPAC fights day in and day out to support our specialty and our patients!  We need a strong political action committee in our nation's capital. Additionally, this is an election year and it is critical that we support physician anesthesiologist friendly candidates of both parties.  

Once again THANK YOU to all who exercise professional leadership and support ASAPAC.  We need each other, and we are stronger together!

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