The New Online Face of the CSA

  • Pregler, Johnathan, MD
| Oct 26, 2016

Johnathan_PreglerThree years ago, at the direction of the CSA leadership, a special task force was appointed to oversee a complete redesign of the CSA website. As chair of the website task force, I am proud to announce today that the new CSA website will officially launch tomorrow, Thursday October 27!

My colleagues on the task force and I took this responsibility seriously, and we strived to produce a modernized website that both enhances and simplifies the user experience. I would like to share with you just some of the website’s new features:

  • CSA’s landing page: When you first visit our new website, you’ll immediately notice its redesigned homepage featuring two easy-to-navigate toolbars. A prominent, rotating slider offers visitors a shortcut to upcoming event registration, the current CSA Online First blog post, and information on the CSA’s political action fund, GASPAC.
  • Single sign-on: Managing multiple online passwords can be frustrating, and denied access can lead some members to leave the website completely. That is why one of our top priorities was for members to access all of the site’s features using only one username and password. With single sign-on, you will now be able to register for the next CME event, read members-only legislative updates, and participate in the discussion forums without having to login twice.
  • Discussion forums: Large-group email communication can be difficult to keep track of, and can clutter your inbox. With CSA’s new discussion forums, you can stay up-to-date on district and committee discussions directly on the website without having to shuffle through all of your emails.
  •  Mobile optimization: In just the past decade, mobile access from smartphones and tablets have surpassed the use of desktop and laptop computers. To adapt to this new reality, the CSA website is now optimized for use across all devices, allowing members to visit the site from a desktop, smartphone, or tablet without sacrificing the site’s layout and features.
  • For patients and families: One of CSA’s organizational objectives is to become the primary source of information on physician anesthesiology in California for the media, policymakers, and our patients to help them understand who we are, what we do, and the values our society stands for. One of our new pages, titled “For Patients and Families,” features resources to help educate the public on the breadth of a physician anesthesiologist’s medical training, and the critical role we play in patient safety before, during, and after surgery.

Tomorrow, we encourage you to visit the new site and member login page, and verify that your email address, phone number, and mailing address are accurate so that you never miss an important CSA update.

Once you have verified your information, please take some time to explore the new website and familiarize yourself with its new features. Going forward, we hope that you will make it a part of your normal routine to visit the website, participate in your group discussion boards, and update your contact information when it changes.

If you experience any technical issues while browsing the site, please let the CSA office know by sending an email to, and the staff will work to address them in a timely manner.

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  1. | Oct 27, 2016
    Love the new website. Very professional and easy to use. The contributor's photos are a bit blurry

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